Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Color Would YOU Paint My Front Door?

Things to consider:
-We rent and the shutters were just painted gray, so they will stay.
-The vinyl siding at the top of the house has a yellow hue.

Please just ignore the horrible landscaping. It is on the list of "things to do", but it's not near the top. The curb appeal is lacking and I feel like painting the front door will be the easiest thing to tackle, so that is where I plan to start.

 What color would YOU paint my front door?

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  1. My opinion...same creamy yellow color as up top.

  2. I was thinking a creamy yellow also, but then again maybe black???
    It would help ground the house.

  3. My first thought was black before I saw the picture but maybe a creamy yellow to match the top siding.

  4. I am thinking black would look great!

  5. I vote black! You have lots of light colors going on, so black would give it some depth. =)

  6. A darker grey--maybe 2 shades up from the shutters. That yellow/grey combo is really popular right now!

  7. Paint it GREEN! LOL! Cade and Henry will help. j/k....

  8. Creamy yellow to match the siding would look nice but I think that BLACK would make a bigger statement.


  9. I typically vote black for everything (and I do think black would work) but I am going to go out on a limb here and also suggest that you could do a dark, rich chocolate brown. Which I think would also go well with the red brick. Also, we need to find you an old yard piece to hang in the square area between all your four windows on the tall side of the house.

    My humble opinion as always. ;)


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