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Friday, July 30, 2010

My Favorite Blog Feature Friday - The Domestic Wannabe

Have you "met" Ashley from The Domestic Wannabe?
She designs custom invitations. {that are gorgeous}

She is a new mommy to this pretty little girl.
Could that face be any sweeter?

She can make you hungry 
when she posts pictures of recipes that she has tried.
I'm always looking for new things to cook.

She has a great eye for design. 
You must go look at the nursery she created for her sweet little girl.

She also has a new blog series called "a day in the life" where she features a different mommy every Wednesday. 
It's always fun to see how other mommies spend their days.

Now go visit Ashley!
You will be inspired.

Friday, July 16, 2010

My Favorite Blog Feature Friday - The Way We Are

Have you met Leah from The Way We Are?

She has amazing style!

Here is a closer look at that green dresser.
I have tried my best to figure out a way to make this color
work in my house after seeing this,
but it just wont.
So sad.

Her daughter is a beauty, and she has a fabulous nursery.

Wednesdays on her blog are Gwensday!

Go take a look at Leah's blog,
but make sure you do it when you have some time to go through all the rooms in her home. There are amazing!

Friday, July 2, 2010

My Favorite Blog Feature Friday - Elegant Bloggery

Elegant Bloggery is one of the very first blogs I started reading.Meet Marisa. The talented writer and artist.

She has an etsy shop called Elegant Snobbery that features her illustrations.
She is incredibly talented. (Have I said this already?)
You must take a look through her shop.
I think she may be having a REALLY great SALE right now. (go now!)


As mentioned above, she has a blog called Elegant Bloggery
where she blogs about Living the Creative Life.
She tells the BEST stories about her 2 little girls.


As if she isn't busy enough, she also writes for the Mama Dramalouges, another great read.

Marisa's mom (lindylou) has turned some of her incredible illustrations
into embroidery patterns.

While you are at lindylou's checking out embroidery patterns,
be sure to check out her pillow covers.
She has a great selection.

I want this one.

Ok, you know what to do.
Go check out Marisa's blog (s), etsy shop, and mother's etsy shop.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

lightning strikes

just because every post needs a picture

Lightning struck and zapped a bunch of our stuff.
I've been without internet for a few days,
so that is the reason for the lack of posts.
I'm working to try to get everything back up and running.

My Favorite Blog Feature Friday will return next Friday.
If I get the chance I will still post my {embrace} pic this week.

Being without internet leaves a lot of time to play with the kiddos and work on projects.
I have done a lot, but I've also created even more projects.
That seems to be how I like things.

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Favorite Blog Feature Friday - the anderson crew

Have you "met" Emily from the anderson crew?
She is an amazing photographer!

She has 4 of the cutest little kids I have ever seen.

She is crafty.

she has great style when it comes to decorating her home.

Check out this table redo.

and this kid room for 2.

She also has a challenge called {embrace} the camera.
If you are a mama you really should {embrace} this challenge.

Now go visit Emily.
This mama has some serious talent.

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Favorite Blog Feature Friday - Bambina Babe

I've decided that I'm going to start featuring some of my favorite blogs
here at Nikki's Nacs on Fridays.
I'm going to call it" My Favorite Blog Feature Friday".

My first feature is the Bambina Babe .
I discovered this blog last week and it is now one of my favorites.
Nealy is a doll.

She has great recipes.
Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes - I plan to make these in the near future.

She has a great series. - 10 Ways to Beautify your Blog
I have already used some of her very helpful tips.
Have you noticed my new favicon?

She has a beautiful bambina that is the star of her blog.

She has an awesome Kitchen Before/After (You have to go see for yourself).

AND she is a great photographer.
She does it all, my friends.

Go check out the Bambina Babe, and
let her know that you stopped by.


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