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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Painted Urns

When we moved into our new house just over 3 months ago I knew that our front porch needed something. I hadn't really put much thought into the porch,  but had started looking at pots to put on either side of the front door. Everything that I saw was more than I wanted to spend so I quit thinking about it.

Our neighbors across the street are also remodeling there house so they always have a large pile of trash at the end of the week for the trash truck. Last week they threw away this set of plant urns.

Yes, they are plastic. Yes, they had a bad paint job. And yes, I picked them up and put them in the back of my SUV on the way to get takeout. They were free and I knew that they would look great on my porch with a little effort.

I gave them a good wipe down, a few coats of primer, and few coats of black spray paint. I added a fern that I already had and one the my MIL let me have for the other one.

Much better. It looks like someone lives here now. I'm not ready to tackle the rest of the porch just yet, but when I am, that front door is the first thing on the list. I just need to pick a color.

Here's a close up.

Thank you neighbor for disguarding these urns.
They look great on my porch.

Have you picked up any of your neighbor's cast offs lately?

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Custom Paint?

So, what do you do with a can of OOPS gray paint that really was bad, your stash of blue and green acrylic paints, and a stir stick?

You try to make your own shade of blue for something that you want to paint because 1.) you have nothing to lose, and 2.) you aren't confident that you can pick the right color the first time and waste more money on paint.

Blues can be very intimidating to me.

Have you ever tried to tint your own paint?

This is a first of me. Let's hope it goes well. If so, I'll have something new to show you next week, or maybe the next. If not, I'll be buying paint and hoping that I can pick the right shade of gray/blue.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ugly Picture Makeover


You will see from this post where this beauty came from. Not my taste, but I could see the potential.


I have been doing some rearranging and decided that a chalkboard would work in my dining room. I had all of the paint on hand, so this project didn't cost me anything but a few hours of time.

I really wanted to just spray paint the frame, but it wasn't working so I had to get out the gallon of white trim paint and brush. It still didn't take that much time.

Have you ever made a chalkboard?

Here are a few tips.
-remove backing and take the the glass out of the frame
-clean the glass really well
-sand and paint frame
-spray chalkboard paint on the front of the glass (it will take several coats)
-reassemble and tape the back of the frame back up.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Was it the Flowers?

I was at my Mother's house last week, and she said "Hey, I found something (in the garbage) I thought you might want while I was walking the other day."

She knows me well, I love to re purpose the castaways. This one really needs some help. I'm getting started on this today, hopefully I'll have some after pics soon.


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