Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pillow Talk

Let's talk about the perfect pillows that I found on-line at Pier 1. I headed straight to Pier 1 thinking that I was going to come home with the perfect pillows, but no, my store didn't have them. Did I mention that they are also a steal at $13.98 a piece.

I really wish you could order online from Pier 1. I guess I'll have to go back to Pier 1 and see if they will ship them from another store to the one here.

My living room is very neutral with a lot of brown. I have a pair of lamps with green lampshades that I love, but I need something else in the room with a touch of green. I just don't want the green to be overwhelming. I have recently edited a lot of green from the room because it was just too much, and I love green.


  1. I too have a green and brown living room and worry about it being too much green. Even my accent wall around the fireplace is green. I love those pillows and have tried to find pillows that compliment the green well enough. Wonder if my Pier 1 has them in stock! I also use a lot of silver and black which I think helps mute the green.

  2. We have the same taste, I'm convinced. I love that pillow. Our Pier 1 is going out of business, but if you want, I'll stop by and see if they have it in stock.

    And, my lamps look very similar to yours, but mine have a plain cream tweedish shade. The green is really nice, though.

    Let me know about the pillows!

  3. I love Pier 1, we just got a new dining table from there.

  4. I love Pier One for stuff like that. Great choice!

  5. i am loving that pillow. i got a pier one sales paper in the other day, they some great pillows for spring and summer - hope they have some left by the time i get there.

  6. Gorgeous pillows! I bet Pier 1 will have them shipped from another store to you.

  7. I hadn't looked at Pier 1 in quite some time until earlier tonight. Wow, they really have some cute things (better than I remember in the past) :)


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