Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ugly Picture Makeover


You will see from this post where this beauty came from. Not my taste, but I could see the potential.


I have been doing some rearranging and decided that a chalkboard would work in my dining room. I had all of the paint on hand, so this project didn't cost me anything but a few hours of time.

I really wanted to just spray paint the frame, but it wasn't working so I had to get out the gallon of white trim paint and brush. It still didn't take that much time.

Have you ever made a chalkboard?

Here are a few tips.
-remove backing and take the the glass out of the frame
-clean the glass really well
-sand and paint frame
-spray chalkboard paint on the front of the glass (it will take several coats)
-reassemble and tape the back of the frame back up.


  1. Wow, that is quite a makeover!! Awesome job, Nikki!!

  2. Super cute! What an awesome makeover! Great job!

  3. That turned out great! I have done a chalkboard project (and have a couple more in mind). I never thought to use the glass to spray the paint on. I used some old beadboard laying around the basement and sprayed the back of it. Check it out if you want:

  4. Looks great! And it looks really large, too. Those big chalkboards in catalogs are expensive. Great job!

  5. It looks great!! Chalkboard paint is the best invention! :)

  6. Fantastic job! What a great addition! :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  7. Oh wow, I never thought to spray paint the glass. I have an old mirror I have been hanging on to thinking I would use it for something. This may be the perfect thing! Thanks and what an awesome idea!

  8. I found your blog listed thru Mom Blogs. Love this idea!! I never realized that you could spray the chalkboard paint on glass. This is wonderful because I have quite a few old pics that I only keep because I like the frames! I'm going to go check out that Facebook Networking that you mentioned in another post...btw, Etsy is one of my faves online stores too.


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