Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Birthday List

I'm having a big birthday at the end of this month( still not sure how I'm feeling about not being 29 anymore), and thought I'd make it easy for my family to shop for me. If you aren't family feel free to skip this post.

This list is very random (and in no particular order), but I know that I'm hard to surprise, so I'm giving you lots to choose from.

Vera Bradley
On the Go

Vera Bradley
Mini Zip Wallet

Damask Pillow - Chocolate (2)Yellow Box
Firebird Brown - sz 10

Bed Bath and Beyond

(this will go in my MB)

Kohl's Gift Card
clothes shoppingTarget Gift Card

Chair On Clearance at Rudd (in Mont.)
(if you are feeling extra generous)

(if you just want to)

Do-It-Yourself Magazine Subscription

So there you have the (wish) list. I told you it was random. I also love CASH. We are hopefully going to get to take a mini b-day trip, so shopping money would be great.........

Edited to Add: This list may or may not be edited throughout the month as I come across things. I will not note the edits.


  1. wow...29. i think i remember that. you picked out some great things. hope you get some of them.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY...a little early~

  2. Thanks for the list ,sis, it it is very helpful. :)

  3. Mind if I "borrow" some of your items for my own list? =]

    I have that damask pillow in grey and LOVE it--so will you!! It was so hard to pick between that and the chocolate.

  4. FC- Sure!

    I keep seeing the grey damask pillow in your office pic and thought I needed it for myself in the chocolate.


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