Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Open Frames

I'm in the process of cleaning up my style. Because we have been in a rental I've been a little bit lazy and done things half way. I hung pictures where there were already nails. I hung a few things and changed my mind, but left them because I didn't want to fix the wall.

So here we are. I've decided to fix the walls and things are moving everywhere.

Remember the chalkboard? Well, I changed my mind. After living with it for a few weeks it just wasn't the right look for the room, but I still wanted to keep things simple. Enter the open frames on Freckles Chick's Blog . Perfect for this spot.

I removed the glass from the chalkboard and kept the large frame. Then I gathered up a few goodwill frames that I have been picking up all along and spray painted them white. I left the mirror in the oval one because it was glued in and I liked it, so the mirror stayed.

If you look a the frame on the left closely you will see that it has been distressed. That is because I got in a hurry and messed up the paint before it was dry and had to sand it to smooth it back out. I need to go over it again with another coat of glossy white when I have more time.

I may add one more frame to the center of the one on the left if I find one that has a lot of detail, but for now it is done.


  1. I like the open frames - it's definitely something different :)

  2. Well hey there Nikki!
    I love your open frame redo here! It turned out fantastic looking!
    The baby shower below was all cuteness, too!
    Happy spring to you as well!
    Hugs, Les

  3. I really like the new look!

  4. Love the open frames, super cute!!

  5. I wish I had discovered your blog earlier! I am also in a rental and use existing holes to hang pictures even though they are not where I want them. I may just have to steal some ideas from you - love love love the blackboard frame! Not sure if the landlord would let me paint walls though - although they are well overdue! Great blog :)


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