Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weird Food Combos

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This is where I will be later this week doing some shopping and relaxing.


-I have some projects in the works but nothing is finished.
-We finished my friends nursery this weekend and it is GORGEOUS, but I still don't have pics yet.
-Getting ready for my birthday trip in 2 days and can't wait. Posting will be sparse or nonexistent again this week.

Weird Food Combos

I have been married to my husband for a 11.5 years. We grew up with different types of families that ate different types of food. My mom was a Yankee, so I grew up eating like a Yankee. My husband grew up in the South with a family that has always been in the South. He grew up on fried chicken, fried cornbread, and sweet tea. I have become vary fond of southern cooking, but there are still a few things that he requests from time to time that I just don't get.

White rice with fried eggs on top. I find this very strange. Is there anyone else that eats this?

What does your significant other eat or request to eat that you just don't get? Do tell.


  1. White rice with a fried egg. That is weird :)
    Nothing weird here. I love that you brought 2 different upbringings together! There are so many different traditions to share~

  2. My hubby loves bacon & mayonnaise sandwiches on white bread. Talk about not a bit good for you...every once in awhile I catch him eating just a plain mayonnaise sandwich. Makes me shiver every time!

  3. My in laws eat egg noodles on top of their mashed potatoes and gravy at Thanksgiving. The thick ones that you'd find in chicken noodle soup. The first 2 years I saw this, I was disgusted. Year 3 I was intrigued. Year 4 I tasted a bite and didn't vomit. By Year 5, I was heaping on the noodles over the potatoes and now it's something I look forward to.

    I do not, however, look forward to picking around the hard boiled egg yolks that are cooked WITH the noodles in the broth. 10 years later and I still think that's NASTY.

  4. Krista- Asher eats Mayo on saltine crackers and now C loves it and requests it.

    Katie-that is hilarious! I love the year by year play.

  5. Oh this makes me laugh. I think I like all the weird food combos and my husband thinks I am crazy! I think I would like the rice and egg, although I have never tried it. I can hear my husband cringe from here!

  6. I'm afraid that I'm the one with the weird eating habits - like eating canned tomatoes & condensed soup straight out of the can.


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