Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A new shop on Etsy to check out!

If you are like me you love to browse and shop etsy!

I wanted to introduce a new shop named bakd that happens to have some adorable children' s clothing. I know one of the sisters of "bakd" personally and wanted to give her new shop a shout out. They have some really cute designs and even cuter little models.

The MORGAN twirl skirt with coordination applique top comes in different fabrics and applique designs.

Go check them out and let me know what your favorite design is.


  1. I just bookmarked "Bakd"! I have 2 girls and am always looking for fun, unique clothing. The prices look great too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. sure wish I had a little girl!

  3. Thank you for featuring Bakd. Such cute clothes!

  4. I'm loving these clothes! A little out of my price range, but custom made? I'm so sick of the too-short styles in the stores. I would love a few longer dresses for my daughter, just like this girl makes!

  5. Very sweet! I'm a sucker for cute girl clothes.

  6. Oh my goodness, those are ridiculously adorable! I have a new favorite shop!

  7. Thanks for the tip! I especially love that last photo, with the coordinating top and skirt. SO cute!

  8. Oh, I love Etsy :) Thanks for the head's up - I have a friend who's first baby is due in September.


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