Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not much to report, so take a guess, BOY or GIRL?

pic source found through google images

There isn't much to report. I've still been too sleepy to do any projects to show off. I'm just trying to keep up the laundry and getting back into cooking dinner regularly.

I had another appt. this week and everything looks great! I will be 14 weeks tomorrow.

I'm ready for my ultrasound next month so that we can find out the gender of this baby. Last time I knew for sure we would have a boy, and this time I don't have that FOR SURE feeling either way.

I set up a poll on the right so go ahead and give your best guess.


  1. Our last pregnancy I didn't have a feeling either. I felt like it could really go either way. Then we found out it was twins, one of each sex. So I'll hope for one healthy baby for you. =) One at a time is a bit easier, girl!

  2. Thanks Jesse, I do know for sure it's just one. :)

  3. Just hoping your baby will be healthy & happy :)


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