Wednesday, September 2, 2009

From Tears to Laughter


The Tears

Last week was hard.

We have a seven year old yorkie that has been mine since he was 6 wks old.

He is adorable, but not so good with kids, or people for that matter.

Let's just say that he has been banned from most of the groomers in our city so we had to groom him our self. It usually resulted in someone bleeding.

We made the decision that he needed a new home before we brought home another baby.

He has never hurt little man, but he has been known to bite. I just wasn't sure how he would do once he was out numbered.

I listed him on craigslist and went through tons of emails to find a lady that I thought would be the perfect match.

She picked him up the next day.

At first I was really excited. I loved this dog, he was our dog, but he was sometimes hard to deal with. I was excited that the responsibility of this dog wasn't going to be ours anymore.

As the day went on it hit me and I mean hit me hard that after that day he wouldn't be ours anymore. I was in tears and could not make them stop. Our whole family was in tears. We knew that we had to let him go, but I had no idea it would be so hard.

The next morning the lady came to pick him up. Ace went right to her immediatly which was a miracle in it self. I thought we would be able to hold it together while she was there, but we were all sobbing over this dog. I felt so bad for her, because she felt bad that she was taking our dog. The next few days were hard. We couldn't talk about it without someone crying.

The Laughter

I sent his new owners an email to check on him and this was her response.

Hi Nkki,
He is doing fine .The first night he paced the floors all night. And he has lifted his leg on every thing in the house. He went to the groomers today. He is so cute. He kind of intimidates me. He acts like he would bite. He did bite the groomer today a couple of times. But we love him and our little girl likes him too (Tori - their female yorkie) Hope you guys are OK. I was worried about you guys. Thank you for everything.

This email made us laugh.

I still miss Ace. We all do. Our house hasn't been the same without him, but at least we know he is still up to his old ways... pacing and biting groomers.


  1. Such a bitter sweet moment. I remember when we had to give our dog away when Miles was born. I hope that you guys & the new owner adjust well ... and it's a happily ever after.

  2. Aw, very bittersweet!! But so glad you are at least able to laugh through the tears!!

    And PS, you should have your baby on Feb. 13th. I have it on good authority that Feb 13th is a GREAT birthday :)

    (oh, and Feb 13th is my birthday, BTW)

  3. Aw...sounds like he went to a very good home :)

  4. I am glad to know he is doing good in his new home. Certainly would make me feel better about the whole thing.

  5. Wow, good for you guys for handling such a tough situation with laughter! We had to get rid of our cat of 3 years (she was a good cat other than the fact that she started urinating in the newly finished basement playroom). I was sad b/c like I said, she was a good cat but ultimately I know she is happier at her new home. Seeing pics of my daughter with the cat when she was a baby makes me feel sad and I know my daughter would have loved having the cat around right about now. Hope your feeling well!


  6. I feel like you described my dog! He's a cockapoo and hates my girls. He's almost 7 and we've had him since he was tiny. We just had the conversation again about what we should do. I can relate to your post. :( Hope you guys are holding up okay. Oh, found you through the mom blogs, btw. :)

  7. Oh I am sorry to hear that. I am glad you were able to laugh through the tears!

  8. What a week!

    PS - I agree with Elegant Snobbery that February 13th is a great date! It's my birthday too!


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