Monday, October 5, 2009

Black is Better than Green

at least for my microwave stand.

Sometimes I think that it takes time to develop your style, and to discover what works in your home. I'm sure that I'm not the only one that has at one time (or maybe 10) made a bad color choice.

I tend to change my mind a lot. I change one little thing on a whim and that change turns into 5 other things that need to be changed. This happens because I never had a clear direction of how I wanted the room to look in the end. I can decorate someone's home and make good choices and decisions and stick with them. When it comes to my I home, it's harder for me to make a decision and stick with it before I something else pretty and lose my focus and start over.

I've been working on trying to simplify things in our home and make choices that get me closer to the end result that I want to achieve. That requires having a little bit of vision, not just a spur of the moment idea. Spur of the moment ideas are good if they line up with your vision, but that requires having a vision to begin with. Otherwise you have a home that is constantly changing, but not getting your home closer to what you really want. I call it decorating in circles. I've done it, and I'm trying to stop.

Okay, back the the kitchen microwave stand.

This microwave table started out life in our home as a desk, it's intended purpose. It was in a different room and I wanted a pop of green. So, green it was. Time went on and I decided it would better serve as a home for our microwave in the kitchen. I never liked this green in the kitchen and decided to keep it simple and went black. I like the black, it will stay black until we move from this house.

I thought I would just show you some of the bad choices I made previously. I think each picture got progressively better, but I kept changing the same things.

1. The lovely cabinets and hardware that this kitchen had when we moved in. The walls were originally dingy white. This is a rental house, I needed to make a change, but something very inexpensive. I thought I would paint the walls a pale blue to get rid of the dingy white. It didn't help much.

2. I finally got around to painting the cabinets white and updating the hardware. A lot of work, but very worth it. The blue still just wasn't right. I was scared to use a taupe or khaki because of the weird shade of color on the counter and floor. I knew that we wouldn't be changing those things.

3. I painted the walls a nice khaki that I found in the oops paint. Not spending much on the paint made it easy for me to decide to make the change. I really liked the new color and it worked much better than I thought it would with the weird color on the counter top and floor. I also moved in the green desk to use as a microwave stand. Better, but still not just right.

4. I finally decided what I wanted. I wanted black, white, and khaki for a crisper cleaner look. The green was too warm with the counters and floor. Black did the trick.

Do you find that you are constantly decorating in circles, changing the same things over and over, or do you have a clear picture of the look and feel that you want your home to have?


  1. That looks great and like it was a lot of hard work! Way to go!! :)

  2. Gosh do I feel better! LOL! I do the very same thing. I love all you have done! The black looks great and I love how you added the paper into the shelves above.

  3. I prefer the new look. It's more streamlined...the two tone was too much and although the green was sassy, black is just a classic!

  4. My living room is the spot I feel always needs something new done to it. I can't spend a lot on art for the walls, so it's been difficult finding acceptable wall decor.


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