Monday, October 12, 2009

The List

After 30 years I am finally learning that I get a lot more done when I make a list. There is something about getting to mark things off of my list that help me stay on task. It's a good feeling.

I am normally not a SUPER organized person. I don't do things in the same order everyday. Routine is a word that I am working on incorporating in my day to day life. The list is the beginning.

What about you? Do you work better and get more done when you have a list?

Oh, and just so you know that list is lying on top of our new desk in the dining room. We are making progress on the office/nursery project. I will soon be posting a list of all of the things that still need to be done.


  1. I love it!! Lists are my all time favorite thing, and I make lists all the time. To Do Lists, etc. I love them! They definitely help me get more organized. :)

  2. I am a super scheduled person so I don't usually need lists. I do make them for the grocery store, etc. because heaven knows how often I forget something when I'm in the store. Looks like you've already gotten a lot done today!! Such a good feeling!

  3. Did you even have to ask - I'm a list maker through and through!

  4. oh I agree! I get a lot more done with lists too!


  5. I'm absolutely a list-maker :) If I don't make a list, I end up forgetting things I need to do.


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