Monday, October 26, 2009

Macho Nachos

We didn't tackle many projects this weekend. We just enjoyed a relaxing weekend enjoying our family. Friday night was date night and the little man got to spend the night at his grandparents. Saturday we went to my parents for breakfast and took the desk to them. I guess I did get to cross something off of the nursery list.

After relaxing all day Saturday I wanted to make something good for dinner, only I didn't want to be in the kitchen cooking. I was looking through my Southern Living Mag and saw The Pioneers Woman's Cowboy Nachos. This made me want nachos so I made some using what I had on hand. Be sure to check out her original recipe, I'm sure that it is wonderful, but I wanted to use ground beef.

These are the best nachos I have ever made, they had just the right about of Kick!

Macho Nachos
1 lb. ground beef (cooked, drained, and seasoned - I used a little onion, garlic and southwestern seasoning)
1 can seasoned pinto beans
1 tsp. hot sauce
8 0z. shredded pepper jack cheese (if you want less heat use monterey jack, but the pepper jack made the nachos)
tortilla chips

Optional Toppings
sour cream
chopped tomatoes
pico de galla

-In a sauce pan heat pinto beans and hot sauce. If your ground beef isn't warm go ahead and add it to warm also.
-On a stone or baking sheet lined with foil add your tortilla chips, meat and beans.
-Top with shredded cheese
-Bake at 425 degrees until cheese is melted

Once your cheese is melted it is time to add any cold additional toppings that you would like. Server and enjoy!


  1. This looks makes me want nachos!! :) Dinner idea, maybe?! :)

  2. Great minds think alike, obviously... I have a nacho recipe to post this week, too!!

    Hope you are doing well, Nikki!

  3. I am so itching for a grandparents take the kids weekend. Don't see one coming any time soon though, darn.

  4. Gosh, I haven't had nachos in forever - these sound sooo good!


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