Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Cleaning While Pregnant Routine

This pregnancy has been great, but very different from my first. I learned early on in this pregnancy that I was going to have to have some help with some of my normal tasks and change the way that I did some things.

I changed my cleaning routine from doing certain tasks once a week to doing them as needed. This has made it so that certain tasks have gone from getting done once a week to sometimes every week, but often every other week.

My house has still been clean and tidy as long as I really do them when needed. I may keep this routine after baby gets here.

I now dust when I see dust.

swiffer vacuuming the hard floors
I swiffer vac the floor when I see crumbs, not after every meal.

vacuuming the rooms with carpet
I vac when I see stuff on the carpet.

I don't do the entire bathroom at one time.
I usually wipe down the sink and counter everyday with my bath towel after I have showered. (We don't reuse our towels between washings)
I use an everyday shower spray that keeps the shower cleaner longer.
When the shower needs to be cleaned I ask the husband to do it when its good for him.
I spray, wipe down, and swish the toilet bowl when it looks like it needs it.

I mop when it looks like or feels like it needs it.

There are still things that obviously have to be done everyday like dishes, laundry, making beds, and straightening up and making sure things get put away, but changing the way I did some of the big tasks, made things much easier. It has also been nice to have a husband that didn't mind taking over the tub scrubbing. I will also tell you have he has been super helpful with the laundry. I have a great husband!

One of the biggest tasks that the husband took over for me early on is bath time for the little man. This isn't a cleaning chore for house, but it didn't take long for it to be hard to kneel or squat next to the bathtub while trying to lean over and give the kid a bath.

So what about you, did you change your cleaning routines while pregnant? Did your husband pitch in and help? What changes did you make? Do share!


  1. My cleaning routine definitely changed when I was pregnant, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without Grant helping out. He was awesome, and he too took over cleaning the shower and bathtubs. It's so nice to have a helpful husband!

  2. Our house wouldn't have stayed clean while I was pregnant with my second if it wasn't for my husband. Things didn't get cleaned as often but at least they got done so I couldn't complain. There was no way I was able to anything except wipe the kitchen counters, clean the toilet bowls and vaccuum one floor at a time. Glad your hubby is helping out too.

  3. I have four kids and the oldest is 11 the youngest is 2. Now that we aren't in the infant stage anymore, it's sooooo much easier to keep up with the house. There for a while, I was lucky to vacuum much less do serious cleaning. LOL But now things are MUCH better. We also decluttered recently and that has helped TONS. My hubby also helps out a lot too and now that my girls are getting older, they are great helpers as well.

  4. I think I kept to my normal routine while pregnant, it was after the twins came that my house cleaning went all to heck.

  5. In my pregnancy I switched all of my cleaning products to "green cleaning" supplies. That has been a huge change. I am able to do a lot more chores because everything is organic and I don't have to worry about venting a room or coming in contact with too much bleach.

    My husband cleans the kitty box, takes out the trash, bleaches the white kitchen floor if it really needs it, switches the clothes in the washer to the dryer and scrubs the showers. I really do love my husband. :)


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