Saturday, February 20, 2010

How Long?

How long has it been since he last ate? I really can't remember.

I am normally not a gadget kind of girl, but this is my new best friend. One of my friends came over a few days after being home and was asking me about how long he was going between feedings and I couldn't remember. I had been trying to keep up, but because of a lack of sleep it was really hard to remember. I guess I could have gotten a piece of paper and written everything down, but that just seemed to hard. A few days later my friend showed up at my house with this little thing.

I really like that it's small and I can hook it on my pants to keep it with me. I also really like the flash light feature for laying him back in the bassinet in the middle of the night. It doesn't store any info, you just press a button for whatever you are doing and it keeps time until the next time you do that same thing and press the button again.

It is so nice to look at it during the night and know exactly how long it has been since his last feeding and not try to figure it out. When you are exhausted this is just easier.

So, if you are a new mom or expecting mom I would highly recommend this little gadget. (I was not paid to review this item, I just really like it and wanted to pass along the info.)

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  1. Oh my glory, that is AWESOME! I was so tired that I actually set my oven timer most days to know when Jason needed to eat or sleep next. (okay fine...I'm so easily distracted that even though he's 4 months old, I'll admit that I STILL DO!)


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