Monday, March 15, 2010

Cade's Room

I have struggled with getting this room arranged in a way that was pleasing to the eye, and functional for a little boy that really likes to play trains. Train tracks take up a LOT of room. After many attempts I think I'm finally happy with the layout.

- I realized that the bed up against the wall would help keep him from falling out of the bed, well, not between the wall and the bed anyway.
-This arrangement makes the bed feel like a couch during the day which is great for watching cartoons together.
-One day when he quits falling out of the bed we will actually put it on rails and figure out something to make it like a real day bed or move it and get a headboard.
-The quilt was a clearance purchase from The Company Store.
-The canvases above the bed were reused from his nursery; I just repainted the letters with new colors. They are hung high in hopes that we will soon be able to raise the bed.
-The night stand was a cast off from the master bedroom that will soon get a face lift. I'm still trying to decide exactly what I want to do with it in terms of color or maybe even stripes.
- The baseball artwork was made by a friend.

- Train storage

- The toy box inspiration came from here, but was built by my husband for a fraction of the cost. He used one sheet of plywood, some molding, and then we painted it out. He is no carpenter, but it turned out pretty great.

-The armoire. This is one piece of furniture that I wish I had a before picture of. This piece was given to us by a sweet friend before Cade was born. She knew that I would be able to transform it. It was originally white with a scallop trim at the bottom and ugly hardware. A simple fix with paint, trim, and new hardware.

Cade had a blast rearranging his room with me. The best part is he really likes playing in here now.


  1. YOu did such a great job! Very cute and nice colors too.


  2. I like the bed that way. Such a cute room! I struggle with the arrangement of our twins room.

  3. That is really cute & I looooove the quilt!

  4. still amazed at what a great job you did with that armoir! ;)


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