Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cleaning Out the Closet

After 9 months of pregnancy, maternity clothes, and not bending over to properly put away my shoes, my closet was a giant MESS.

I finally mustered up the energy to get this mess together.

Why am I showing you this? Well, I thought I would show you that you can be organized and not spend any money, and it made a pretty decent before and after.

The Process

-Get rid of ALL maternity clothes - the ones that were borrowed were packed up and returned to their rightful owner. The ones that were mine were packed up to give away or consign. I had done most of this before the before pic was taken, but there was still a good bit in there.

-Get rid of the things that I just didn't like anymore. I would say stuff that doesn't fit, but that would be just about everything for me at this point. I'm going to give my self a few more months to get back into most of my clothes again.-Everything that was staying got sorted. I like to hang all of my clothes with like items together and colors from light to dark. This makes finding something easy.

-I always use the same color and type of hanger. It makes a much cleaner look. You don't have to use expensive hangers to have a nice clean look.

-I re-purposed some bins that held a bunch of crap and used one for out of season shoes and one for sweaters.

-Our house is very tiny so I have to use my closet to store some things that aren't clothing related. At the top of my closet you will see some picture albums, scrapbooking supplies, fabric for sewing projects, and a few laptop cases. I used a wire folding shelf (that I already owned and wasn't using) on the top shelf to make extra room for these items.

-I also really like to use canvas over the door shoe hangers for accessories. I use them to store belts, scarves, gloves, lint brush, etc. These were cleaned out during my nesting phase, so I didn't have to touch these this time.

-My shoes and purses are stored on shelves and cubes from Target. Since this is a rental house I wanted to use something that I could take with me when we leave. These were items that I have had, they just needed to be reorganized because of the whole bending over while pregnant was too much work thing.

So what about you? Have you been organizing and cleaning out closets lately? Do share.


  1. While my closet isn't unorganized I still need to bring over my work clothes that I couldn't wear when I was pregnant. They had a temporary spot in our guest room closet and since I started wearing them again about a month and a half ago, I haven't bothered putting them back into my closet yet.

  2. I have closets and bins and boxes full of different sizes of clothing - and I've never had any kids! I guess I'm a yo-yoer (up and down by about 10-15 lbs) and so I constantly have all this stuff that I don't use. But I don't want to get rid of it. If I could just stay the same size, my life would be so much neater! haha

  3. Your post has given me a big push to get rid of the boxes and bags that should have gone to Salvation Army a while ago. Also time to pack up some out of season items. A little sprucing up goes a long way.


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