Sunday, April 18, 2010

Apparently Sleep Really Is Important

See the cutie? He decided that instead of sleeping he would rather get up 2-3 times a night again several nights in a row. It really wasn't so bad at the time (I do enjoy the extra cuddling during feedings through the night), but the lack of sleep has started making me do stupid things.

1. I bought bone in rib-eyes and thought they were boneless. Not a big deal, just humorous. I bought them and marinated them and still didn't notice the bones until my husband said, "Um, honey, I thought you got boneless steaks." I said, "I did". He said, "you marinated these and really didn't notice the big bone." Me, "nope."

2. I made banana pudding wrong and didn't realize it until I was finished. For the pudding part I normally mix vanilla pudding with cool whip. I just made vanilla pudding a wondered why it was yellow and not white after I layered the whole dessert in my trifle bowl. Again, not a big deal, but still funny.

3. This one is actually very bad, and I got kind of shook up about it. Thank the Lord I'm covered in the blood of Jesus and no one was hurt. I ran 2 red lights in 2 days. I don't mean ooops, I almost made it under the yellow light. I mean I was watching the traffic instead of the light and just completely ran a light. Not. good. at. all.

The husband and I were discussing all of these things and I finally realized that I'm just exhausted.

So, if you don't see many post from me this week, it's because I'm really just trying to catch up on my rest. I apparently really need it.


  1. Not good...thankfully nobody was hurt. Averi did the same thing to me...she stopped sleeping for those 7-9 hour stretches once she turned about 10-12 weeks. It didn't get much better from there so I had to let her cry it out for a while. Now she is waking for her last nursing of the day between 10-12pm and sleeping until morning with a little bit of crying in between.

  2. I hope you get some sleep! I can relate and Baby isn't even born yet!

  3. He is so sweet! Rest up girl!


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