Monday, June 28, 2010

bad babysitters, cameras, and curtains

How is that for a title?

bad babysitter
We are turning of the TV for 4 days. Cade needs a break from the TV. He is quoting way too many commercials and thinks he NEEDS everything he sees. I let him watch a lot more TV when I was pregnant and not feeling so well, but I didn't put a stop to it. So, now we are turning it off for a few days and will then put some serious limits to it. How much TV do your kids watch?

Mine bit the dust this weekend. It was very sad. I am currently trying to figure out exactly what I want. My first thought was, now I can get a DSLR, but then I would still need a point and shoot to carry in my purse. The most important thing to me is to not miss anything my children do. So, I'm trying to figure out what I want to do. I need something that shoots well in low light, because our house has very poor lighting. If you have any opinions or suggestions send them my way.

Henry has started waking up at 4am and not wanting to nap much. Very frustrating. My brilliant husband closed his curtains yesterday and he slept like a champ. He look a long nap, he slept 12 hours through the night, and has been napping extremely well today. I wish I had thought about the curtains sooner.


  1. Yay for sleep! Hope you find a new camera you love!

  2. Oh wow, glad you solved Henry's sleeping dilemma. My daughter is obsessed with movies so we pretty much let her watch one a day but there will be one or two days during the week when we come home from school that I designate as "No TV Days" so she will do crafts or play computer games or board games. She has never liked to play with toys, dolls and's always been movies. Hope that helps!


  3. oh, I remember those days where they want EVERYTHING they see in commercials. Nip it in the bud now... it only gets worse when they get older.... and the shows they quote don't get any better either. Yea for the sleep!


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