Friday, June 25, 2010

thrifty finds {lamps}

I have been searching for a pair of lamps for my living room.
I have lamps, but I wanted something with a chunkier base,
and I didn't want to spend much.

I have consistently been looking for at least 6 months at a local thrift shop.
Patience is key, my friends.
I walked in and saw this pair.
I picked one up and stared looking it over.
A lady came up behind me (a little too close),
and started talking about the lamps that I was looking at.
I quickly grabbed the second one and put it in my cart.
She said, "Are you getting those? They are beautiful."
I said, "yes, ma'am, I am."
She continued to follow me around the store to make sure
that I was still going to get these lamps.

I was headed to the checkout and someone came on the intercom,
and announced that all lamps were currently on SALE FOR $1 EACH!
I went back to the lamps and grabbed another just because they were $1.
I'm sure I'll do something with it.

So, I know have a pair of lamps that I like.
They are currently in my living room.
They are quite lovely as they are,
but I might paint them with a glossy white and add black shades.
I should note that my living room is undergoing some changes as well,
so the black and white would look really nice. Opinions?

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  1. Wow, you go girl! Those will look awesome with a makeover :-) I would do the white gloss if I were you as well. Not sure about how black shades will look, how about brown and or blue? Can't wait to see :-)



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