Monday, July 19, 2010

1 Silhouette 2 Ways {the how to}

Silhouettes. Simple. Classic.

Silhouettes are one of those things that can be done a number of different ways with great results.
I'm going to show you how to get 2 completely different looks with one picture.

-Take a profile picture of your child.

-Print it out on card stock. (whatever color you want to be displayed)

-Trace the outline of your child's head with something that won't bleed through your paper. (I did this with a sharpie so that YOU could see it, but wouldn't recommend it for your project) Tracing it makes it a little bit easier to see the detail while cutting it out.

- Cut out the silhouette. (That sounded better than cut out your child's head.)

- Use the silhouette that you cut out as a stencil to trace the head onto a painted wooden plaque. Then fill in the silhouette with paint.

- Now take the silhouette that you cut out, turn it over so that the printed side with your trace markings  face down and tape it to the front of a piece of patterned scrapbook paper to frame.

Happy Silhouetting!

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  1. Silhouettes always make such a classic gift... especially when it's a silhouette of a child! So cute! Thanks for sharing!



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