Monday, July 26, 2010

Adding Black and White Stripes

When we converted our office to a nursery
my dining room buffet needed to house office supplies instead of pretty dishes. 
I knew that for that to work I needed to cover the inside of the glass with fabric.

 I used some burlap that I had on hand until I decided what I wanted for sure.
I have been wanting to make some updates to the dining room and living room, 
and black and white stripes were a part of the plan. 
I was originally thinking curtains, 
but I found this fabric for $2.44 a yard. SOLD! 
This particular fabric wouldn't work for curtains, 
but it was perfect to add a graphic print to the buffet.

I attached the fabric to the inside of the door using my trusty glue gun.


  1. LOVE IT! And that pop of red above... you've done such an awesome revamp, Nikki!!

  2. I LOVE the stripes! Gives a fun punch to the piece! =)

  3. LOVE the stripes!! totally makes a transformation!

  4. That turned out great and I love the wall arrangement above your buffet!



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