Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ice Cream PIE

This is my new favorite dessert to make.
We LIKE ice cream at our house.
The fun thing about this recipe is you can customize it with
YOUR favorite ice cream and add ins.

Mocha Heath Ice Cream Pie

1.5 quart coffee or mocha icecream
1 oreo pie crust
heath bits
chocolate syrup

Let your ice cream sit out for a few minutes so that it is soft enough to spread a little. Fill the oreo crust with half of the ice cream. Then add heath bits, chocolate syrup, and then the rest of the ice cream. Put it in the freezer and let it set. Approx. 2-4 hours. Cut, drizzle with a little more chocolate sauce, and serve.

This recipe was inspired my DQ Cappuccino Heath Blizzard habit.

linked to:
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  1. Mmmmm....looks so good! Thanks for sharing your recipe.


  2. ONE WORD: Yum! I could eat that whole cake myself! And I also have a DQ blizzard obsession. They are so good!

  3. I saw your link at Weekend WrapUp and had to drop by. This looks absolutely amazing. I will make it for my husband, he loves icecream pie. Unfortunately, I don't think we get oreo pie crusts in Canada :(


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