Saturday, September 11, 2010

point and shoot ruffled wrist strap {tutorial}

Point and Shoot Ruffled Wrist Strap - say that five times, really fast.

Ok, so not everyone has a cool DSLR with a pretty strap cover. (and that is ok ) Some of us still have a point and shoot with a dinky black wrist strap. I was inspired to make a pretty strap for my camera little camera.

I'm not one to read or follow directions (for anything).

I don't sew very often, but when I do it's usually because I see something that I like and then just decide to "wing it" and hope it turns out good enough.

This is how I made a point and shoot ruffled wrist strap.

You will need 
2 coordinating fabric strips, (1 - 40" long for the ruffle , 1 - 16" long for the strap, the width is up to you)
round cord elastic - about 5"
sewing machine
needle and thread (optional)

Cut you first strip of fabric for the ruffle 40" long. The width will depend on how wide you want your strap and if your are using a cotton or knit fabric. If you are using a knit you don't need to finish the edges. If you are using a cotton then add enough extra to allow for a finished seem.

I'm going to use pictures and directions for the ruffle made with a knit fabric.

Sew a long basting stitch (on most machines this will be stitch length 5) down the middle. DO NOT back stitch at the beginning or end. OR you can sew this with a needle and thread just use long stitches. Then pull your bobbin thread only (the one on the bottom) to gather your ruffle strip. OR if you stitched it by hand just pull the single thread to gather your ruffle strip.

Now, take the other strip of fabric (mine was 5" wide) fold in half and iron a crease. Open the fabric and turn in a 1/4" hem on each side and iron. You will also need to turn down the ends and iron them down to create a nice clean edge just like you did on the sides.

(I now see the I didn't take pics of all of the steps, oops)

Fold the fabric back in half and sew a seem down each side.

Place the ruffle on the front side of the strap and sew it the strap straight down the middle.

If you made it this far without pictures the back should look like this. :)

Insert approx 1 inch of elastic into one end of the strap.

Insert the other end of the elastic into the opposite side of the other end of the strap. Make sure that there is about an inch of elastic pushed down into the strap.

Now, put both ends of the strap, back sides together, and sew them together. All of the layers of fabric make this the most difficult step, but make sure that your elastic is sewn in nice and securely.

I'm sorry for the lack of pictures for all of the steps. I just started sewing and didn't stop. If you have any questions, please ask them and I will do my best to answer them.

*for personal use only.*

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  1. SUPER cute!!! I need one so bad! I am thinking I can make one though now looking at your tutorial.

  2. I'm afraid of making ruffles, but this is possibly too cute not to try! I love how it turned out!

  3. cute idea. they do leave all us point n' shooters out don't they. sometimes i want a dslr just so i can have a cool strap. I'll have to try this.

  4. This is SUPER cute...what a great idea! Love your blog. :)

  5. Very nice! The ruffles are a nice touch, too! So cute. Great job!

    Thank you for linking up to my Friday link party! Hope to see you back this Friday!

  6. oh, i love this! congrats for being featured :)


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