Saturday, October 2, 2010

the park is supposed to be fun

The Mr. had the day off yesterday so we I thought that a trip to the new park would be a good way to spend the afternoon.

It was fun for about 20 minutes.

Do you see that mean yellow-jacket on Henry's shoulder? 

He stung him on the cheek. I didn't see him until I uploaded this picture. I was snapping pics of the boys and Henry screamed. My husband looked down and saw the yellow-jacket stuck to his cheek. He quickly got rid of the mean thing, swooped H out of the stroller, and said lets go. I got Cade and we headed out. I didn't know what happened until we were almost to our vehicle.

He only cried a few seconds. He is tough.

A call to the peds office to see if he could have benadryl, a trip to Target to read the label on benadryl while I waited on the nurse to call me back (he is too young for benadryl), a little hydrocortiszone cream and a nap, and he is fine. A little fussy, but mostly his sweet normal self... with a red cheek.

His brother on the other hand, screamed and carried on at the sight of a yellow-jacket.



  1. Poor baby! I guess at least it didn't bother him too much. =(

  2. Poor guy ... and hilarious that older bro screamed! As you said, boys.


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