Monday, December 13, 2010

10 months

Mr. Henry is 10 months old as of last week.
  • He still has 6 teeth
  • He will only eat table food (no more purees)
  • He eats a LOT
  • He is still army crawling (with something in each hand)
  • He started making a new clicking noise
  • He still doesn't "talk" much (how could he with a brother that doesn't stop talking)
  • He is cruising on the funiture
  • He understands no and doesn't try to do something after he has been told no. (good boy)
  • He tries his best to climb onto Cade's bed, but hasn't done it yet. 
  • He really likes balloons and balls.
  • If you tell him to "Praise the Lord", he will raise his hands.
  • When we put him in his crib he likes to rock himself. 
  • If he hears music or something with a distinct  rhythm we will rock to it.
  • He likes to point anyone's nose.
  • Wears a size 12 months
  • Size 3 diaper

 I think he looks like my baby pictures in this photo.

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  1. Sure doesn't seem like he should be that old! So sweet!

  2. He sounds so much like Averi...must be a second child thing! I laughed when I read about him not talking much because I say the same thing about my kids. Averi is just about 15 months now and still not really walking...just taking a few steps here and there.



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