Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We are officially moved in!

I am so happy to finally have all of our crap stuff moved to the new house. The new carpet is in upstairs. We are still working on the tile downstairs, but we are getting closer. We had to stop do to things like hook up the washer/dryer (only to find that they didn't use the proper stuff so the husband had to put in the correct outlets), install the new dishwasher (thanks daddy), and then move all of the furniture upstairs once the carpet was in. Let's just say the the last 5 days are one big blur.

I don't have any pics uploaded yet (hopefully soon), but I am already thinking about all of the things we want  to get in the near future for the new place. CSN has once again offered me another product to review. This is great timing for me! I get to shop their 200+ stores for just the right item.

First, I'm going to checkout the swing sets
We have a new yard and the boys are going to need something to play on.

Next, I'll check out the blinds. We have quite a few windows that need something new.

And finally, the mirrors. I have a spot that this might need to go.

I'll be sure and let you know what I actually end up getting to review. I may get distracted and end up with something completely different.

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