Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Our kitchen has a little breakfast nook. Little being the key word. When we first moved in, we took the leaf out of our dining table to see how it would work in the breakfast area. It was way too big. I thought our table was pretty small, so it left me kind of stumped.

We tossed around the idea of a built in bench, but because of the cabinet doors on the left that wasn't going work. Still stumped,  I had a friend suggest a kitchen island. We talked about this for a few days, took some measurements and started planning.

I was still having a hard time picturing something in this empty space, so I made up a makeshift table. A metal cart with a piece of cardboard on top cut to the dimensions that I thought would work, held in place with a gallon of water. I wanted to make sure that the kitchen didn't feel too closed in.

I nixed the island idea. In theory I think it would be great and functional with 2 bar stools, but I think it will feel to heavy. And really, we don't need to add another project to our list. I do like the idea of a counter top height table with 2 bar stools. The search has officially begun.

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  1. I like to try to make ideas visible, too. I tape out furniture and such. Good luck finding your table!

  2. Look forward to seeing what you find! =)

  3. so many fun projects! can't wait to see it all:)

  4. Love the "table" I am a visual person as well, gotta see it before I am willing to fully committ. Good luck with your search.


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