Tuesday, April 12, 2011

14 months

This is my little engineer.
The hat and bandanna belong to his big brother, 
but he wants the bandanna on most days right after he gets out of bed. 
And his shoes. 
A bandanna and shoes with pj's. 
What can I say, the boy knows what he likes.

Sleep - Bedtime is 7pm and he sleeps until 8am

Naps - morning nap 10 am, afternoon nap 2 pm (most days we do 2 naps, but sometime just 1)

Eating - This is not a fun topic. He seems to be a moody, picky eater. One day he likes something and they next, not so much. Right now he eats a lot of goldfish and bananas. Last week it was WW english muffins with peanut butter.

First/Milestones - The day he turned 13 months he decided it was officially time to start walking. Each day there was more walking and less crawling. We are cutting another 4 teeth again.

Size - Clothes - 12 months, Diapers- 4

Height/Weight  - 20 lbs.

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