Monday, April 4, 2011

Little Boy Room Plan

My son Cade is ready for me to get to his room. When we first moved in he liked the wallpaper that was in his room. I knew that it couldn't stay, but told him that we could do his room last instead of first so that he could enjoy it for as long as possible. That didn't last long. He is officially ready to see the wallpaper go. I however, am not quite ready to tackle his room, but have been working on the plan.

Cade has pretty strong opinions about how he wants his room to look, so he had a lot of input. We are going to use his current quilt (no longer available from Company Kids) and red tap top curtain panels (I think they were purchased from Wal-Mart, but I couldn't find them online).

Cade has talked about navy walls for months. His furniture is navy, so I'm not willing to go navy all the way, but I am going to give him a navy accent wall. We really wants it, so I'm going to make it work. The other walls will be a nice nuetral.

The window with get navy/white striped shades with red curtain panels. Let's hope my sewing skills don't let me down.

There will also be some artwork, but I don't have the details just yet. You can be sure that they will be DIY'ed. 

I'm not big on theme(y) kid rooms, but Cade is into super heroes so we are going to bring in some Superman per his request. It will of course be done tastefully and easy to change has his interests change. 

I have a lot of other projects to finish up before I can tackle this, but I am happy to have a plan and look forward to getting started.

Here is the before picture of his room. This was before we moved in and before the carpet was replaced. The carpet was horrible. I was so happy to see it go.

Image Sources: superman pbk, quilt

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  1. It's gonna be so cute! I had such a good time with you the other day. It was fun walking around and listening to plans and I am AMAZED at how much you accomplished! I am in awe of you, friend! Let's please do it again soon. :)

  2. I like the plan for his room. Very cute. We finally moved Zach into his own room and he wants a baseball room and even though I'm not huge into themes either we are going to do it for him. But mostly through paint and artwork.

  3. Love your plan! It going to be so cute!


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