Sunday, June 5, 2011


Edit - I saw the bird/floral fabric in person (Pier One has a set of out door cushions in this pattern) and I didn't like it at all. The search continues.

I have about 10 blog posts that I need to right. I have been knocking out some projects around here, I just haven't been able to make myself sit down and write. I have been enjoying my boys too much. The posts will eventually get written, but I'm choosing to soak in this precious time with my boys (this includes the adult one).

I had our den going in a pretty good direction, and then it all changed. Sort of.  I'm going to save the details for another post, but I will tell you that it involves a new to me piece of furniture. Of course it is something that I am going to have tweak to make it just right, but I'm no stranger to that. It just takes time.

I am now officially rambling, so let's get back to the fabric that I wanted to tell you about. I have been searching and searching for the perfect fabric to tie all of the colors in my living room together. I think I have landed on this one.

I need something with red and teal that will also work with brown and cream. It doesn't hurt that this also has some green. My only concern is that it is dry clean only and I am going to use it for pillow covers. I'm not sure that I want to get them dry cleaned every time I want to throw them in the wash. Any thoughts? or other recommendations? Do you know of another fabric that is less than $20 a yard that has these colors and is machine washable?

This other fabric is for pillow covers in the den. It is also dry clean only, but I'm not sure that I could like any other fabric as much as I like this one.

These are both currently in my cart at fabric. com, but I'm concerned about them being dry clean only.
Most of the pillows in our house get used for building forts, pretend dog houses, and mazes. I honestly wouldn't have it any other way, but am I going to regret getting dry clean only fabric for these? Do I need to keep looking for a machine washable fabric?

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  1. Have you called a local dry cleaner to see what it would cost to dry clean the pillow cover/pillow? It might not be totally cost prohibited!

    I like both fabric choices, but I especially like the second one!

    Once you have the cost you could always add that cost to your budget, and scotch guard, then let them play on!

    Looking forward to hearing about your other project!

  2. LOVE the fabrics. My pillows are current DCO, too, but I just opt not to clean them. HA! Mine are in warm colors, though, so the dirt doesn't show as badly. That cream background might show more wear and tear. But I love both of your choices!


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