Thursday, July 21, 2011

one ingredient ice cream

Have you heard of one ingredient ice cream? I had not until Amanda made reference to it on twitter a week or so ago. I immediately went in the kitchen to slice a banana and stick it in the freezer so that I could make this for my last snack of the evening. DELISH! I am so happy to have found something healthy that is just like eating ice cream.

It was a big hit with my boys, too. I'm planning to earn myself some "cool mommy points" by letting them have it for breakfast. It really is just a banana, so why not? Please tell me that my kid isn't the only one that sometimes asks if he can have ice cream for breakfast.

One Ingredient Ice Cream

slice a ripe banana
freeze the slices
put the banana slices in a food processor or blender and blend until they reach the consistency of ice cream

(optional) add a drop of vanilla extract the bananas while blending
(optional) a little chocolate syrup on top isn't bad either

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  1. WHAT? How have I never heard of this. Must.try.

  2. I just saw this yesterday while looking up ice cream recipes! It sounds so good--but I think it would cause a major revolt with my kiddo. She asks for a banana every morning for breakfast, and if I gave her this, I think she'd cry. Even though it *is* just a banana, lol.


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