Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Just Get It Done List

I have so many projects that are small and painless that need to be finished or started and finished, but I just keep putting them off.

 I am a list girl so I am hoping that having a list and needing to check them off will be enough motivation to just get these projects done.

Here's the list.

- finish painting our master bedroom and bathroom (I started this in early July. I have one wall and trim on that wall left. I have never left a room half finished this long.)

- paint the back of the cabinets that are between the kitchen and den

- finish panting the trim on the kitchen windows

- hem dining room curtains

- rework kitchen curtains - this will involve some sewing

- make pillow shams for master bedroom - more sewing

- chalkboard project

- paint my desk

- get rid of all of the red in the playroom

I'm going to see how much of this I get get done by the end of next week. Now I just need to pick a project and get started.

P.S. - Was anyone else as sad as I was to see Kellie go home last night on Design Star? I really wanted her to win. Who is your fav? I am now pulling for Meg... or maybe Mark.

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  1. I like the just get it done attitude and I love the fact that like me you are a list girl.

  2. Let me know if you want help with any of the sewing ;)

  3. Wow! Good luck! That's a great list and getting anything done will feel good. I love making lists like this and going at it.


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