Monday, October 24, 2011

Dining Chair Options

I am still talking about my dining room. Imagine that.

A few weeks ago we found and purchased 4 dining room chairs. Chairs that were exactly what I wanted, well, they will be once I decide what fabric I want and recover them. This led to my continued CL search for the  perfect head chairs to pair with them. I was thinking simple parsons chairs, but still not entirely sure.

Saturday night I was searching CL right before I went to bed and came across 6 parsons chairs with slipcovers for $60! Just wait, it gets better. I looked at the picture again and realize that the dining room is very familiar. I have been in this dining room, I know the person selling the chairs. I checked the cell # with the one in my phone just to be sure, and sure enough, it was the same person. It was late so I sent her a FB message and then a text first thing Sunday morning. As soon as church was over on Sunday I went to pick them up. (Just in time for my sister's birthday lunch at my house.)

The chairs are a little rough and need some attention, but the are very sturdy and comfortable. And I only paid $60 for all 6 of them.

option 1

option 2

option 3

I now have options for my dining room. I'm actually a little overwhelmed. Which chairs do I like where? Do I recover the parsons chairs, alter (die, paint) the existing slipcovers, do I make new slipcovers, and what about the other chairs? Do I want the same fabric on all of the chairs, or do I just make them coordinate? Do I still paint the table? Do I really want to paint the table white or should I pick a different color?

I told you I was a little overwhelmed. At this point the only thing I know about the dining room is that the curtains, wall color, and chandelier are staying as is. The rest, well, I guess we will see.

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  1. I think I like option 1 the best. I typically like to put the fancy, eye catching chairs at the ends of the table. I would maybe paint the table white and then do the slipcovers in another coordinating color. Also, your red chandelier looks amazing! Bring the red down somewhere - maybe just in the bowl that sits on the table or something. Good luck!

  2. what a great deal! i like option one, also. The fancy chairs at the head of the table. :-)

  3. Option #1 is my vote! The new parson chairs look great. Can't wait to see how you revamp it all!

  4. What a neat chair story! I love all your new finds! Option 1 is my favorite, but it's so good to know you can change it up any time you feel like it! I'd probably stick with the same fabric for all 4 chairs or do 2 & 2.

  5. I like option 1 too but I am also a BIG fan of option 3 as well. I like the clean look. Also, I think I like the slipcovers light and I might would change the plan for the table. I am sure it would look good if you used a different fabric and kept the table white but for some reason I just like the way they are so straightforward and clean. They really stand out in the room. But anyhoo...

  6. I'm a really big fan of option one. What a great deal on the chairs!

  7. I like option 1 best and I'm not sure about painting the table.

  8. I also like #1. I would make or buy new covers or paint the existing ones. Making them is quite time consuming (I am mid way thru making 2 of them). I think painting them would be cute...and I love those brown chairs!
    Stopping by from Newly Woodwards :)


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