Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I haven't done anything crafty lately so I decided it was time to make some wreaths for my front doors. I wanted something fall-ish, but not over the top fall. I came across this wreath on Pinterest and followed the tutorial with a few variations.

Sidenote: Since I needed 2 wreaths and didn't have any HobLob coupons with me while I was out, I went to Lowes to get some pipe insulation to use as my wreath form. You know I'm all for saving a buck or 2. I will say that if I had had some coupons with me, or only needed one wreath I would have opted for the wreath forms instead. Edit  -  after time these wreaths warped a good bit. I think that I made them  little too big. The next time I made them smaller and stuffed plastic bags in them to hold their shape better.

The thing that takes the most time is cutting out all of the felt circles. I would suggest using at least 2 pieces of felt per flower and then using 3-5 flowers. I had originally planned using just 3 colors for the flowers, but didn't have enough felt. I may go back and adjust, but we'll see.

Wreath Hanging Tip: our front door has 2 nails in it, so I just made a simple loop out of ribbon and attached it to the back of the wreath with a straight pin. You may want to secure the pin with a little bit of hot glue just to be sure that it will hold. Mine may or may not have fallen off of the door before I added a little hot glue. ;)

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  1. Just so you know for next time you do not have to have your actual Hobby Lobby coupon with you if you have the email they sent you can just show that to them on your phone and they will take it. That is why I never delete a Hobby Lobby email.

    I love the wreaths!!

  2. Cute idea! And how smart are you to use tubing? Super smart!

  3. love your wreaths girly! and those double doors--so pretty!

  4. How cute, Nicole! I'll have to try this too. My front door is in need of a face lift!


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