Thursday, January 5, 2012

2 Bills 2 Blow - West Elm

I have been a big lazy bum this week, I have enjoyed our Christmas/New Year break and I 'm just not ready for "normal" yet. My Christmas trees are still up - Gasp! I am normally a take it down the day after Christmas kind of girl, but not this year.  I have until Friday night to get everything down and back to normal for craft group, so I am procrastinating as usual.  

This week I thought it would be fun to "blow" $200 at West Elm.  You know, just for fun!

I'm not really a baker, but I would certainly enjoy these.  They are adorable.

This clock would be perfect above the coat hooks in our den. Nice and simple.

Just cute. You can't have too many white trays. I would probably put it in my kitchen.

Log Vases - Large $29, Small $19

I would get them both - I could use some new accessories.

It would take me a good 30 minutes to decide on a color. I like them all.

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  1. Oh my! I love the owl measuring cups and that porcelain tray is so cute! I just bought one very similar for .79 at Goodwill today! Happy New Year, Friend!

  2. I am loving everything at West Elm right now!! Too bad i don't have a good chunk of change to blow over there. I could totally set me up a whole new living room! Ha!

    Happy New Year!


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