Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Henry is 2

My baby is 2!

I tried to sing Happy Birthday to him and he told me to SHHH!

We decided to keep his birthday very low key this year, and I must say I enjoyed every minute of it. It was nice to just relax and enjoy his special day.  He had several special visits from his grandparents, a donut for breakfast, a trip to the store to get some balloons, a trip to Chuck E. Cheese (he was not a fan), and a cookie/brownie cake. It was a good day.

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  1. What a sweetie pie, but I can't believe he didn't like Chuck E. Cheese! Guess there's always a first! I'm so happy he had a good day (and Mommy did too). =0)

  2. Happy Birthday Henri (french accent)! You are such a sweet little man. And I think it is hysterical btw that you tell your mom to shhhh when she sings. Oh, and also, I am not a fan of Chuck E. Cheese either. :)

  3. What a handsome little guy! Happy birthday to him!


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