Monday, September 3, 2012

Cade's New Room - The Bedding

Last week I mentioned that the boys were switching bedrooms and that I would be redoing Cade's room. He wanted as much yellow as possible in the room. I wasn't so sure. I found a comforter on line that I thought might work. I mentioned maybe adding Batman to the mix to make it look a little bit more little boy. You are now caught up.

I spent the week in Birmingham with my mom, so I didn't do anything else with the room until Saturday morning when I got home. I spent the morning working on getting everything cleaned up, closets moved, and just getting everything ready for my husband to move the furniture in on Saturday afternoon. Once the bed and everything was in, Cade and I headed to Target to look at the bedding. I was planning to just look and start formulating a plan. The yellow bedding was a no go, the white was actually very cream and not as crisp looking as I would have liked. We looked and looked, not really agreeing on much.

Then I came across this set. Now first, let me just say that I am NOT a bed in a bag  kind of girl, but I really like the colors and pattern and it really just made this very simple. Right now, simple is good. I remembered seeing it on line, but not liking it at all. In person it was very different. Cade immediately liked it. It was a win win. Cade was happy and Mama got the original navy blue that I like so much.Oh, and NO MORE SUPERHEROES! :)

I have to say that his room looks very grown up right now. Wood furniture, navy and gray bedding, khaki walls. It's time to start adding a little color to the room. His nightstand is already yellow, and I am planning to work that in as one of  the accent colors.  They other thing we both agreed on was not to go theme-y with this room. I was so happy to here Cade say that he didn't want a theme. I plan to bring in some white, a little yellow, and possibly paint the room light gray. I won't decide on the painting part until I get new curtains and decide if it is necessary. If it isn't, I want mess with it.

This is the fabric that I am leaning towards for the curtains. I think that the white background will add some brightness that the room needs. It is feeling a little dark.

As far as artwork goes, I think we are going to rework some of the canvases that we already have and see what we come up with. I'm thinking something striped with a monogram for over the bed and maybe a bulletin board over his dresser/desk and then something framed over his chest of drawers.

What have you been working on? Anyone else get new furniture that created another project?

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  1. Can't wait to see the finished room. We are brainstorming for our Henry's room. My hubs has taken a liking for photography lately. he's gotten some neat shots of gears. We're also thinking of graffiti pics. Once we decide on photos we will get them blown up poster size, paint his room, and possible new bedding. I really want to eliminate many toys that just sit and are not played with. Ready for something different and so is he. How fun!

  2. You have such an eye for design! I was just happy that I got half the kids stuff unpacked. The idea of painting and making their rooms look 'real' is still pretty daunting... and without someone to balance my crazy ideas it's just as likely that they'll end up with a glow in the dark room as anything else. Looking forward to seeing what it ends up like.

  3. I got a sample of that same fabric for Ashford's room, I love it and hope to find a place to use it in the future!


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