Friday, January 11, 2013

A Little Bling For The Dining Room

Where has this week gone? I have spent most of this week in organizing mode. I have gone through cabinets in my kitchen, which led to playroom shelves, which led to the entry cabinet...Yeah. It hasn't ended yet.

Oh well, it NEEDS to be done, so I will keep going.

I did want to stop in and show you a new addition to our dining room. I repainted this room back in May, but haven't done much else other than finishing the silhouettes.

The dining room has this one blank wall. I have thought about putting something there, but what? I liked the idea of a chalkboard, but the one I have isn't quite large enough to fill the wall just right. The thought ended with that. I never tried to find anything.

I need to go ahead and tell you that most of my family would not even consider giving me a gift that is decor for my home, unless it is something that I have already picked out and given them the info on. I was SO surprise when I opened up a set of wall sconces for Christmas from my husband's Grandmother!

I brought them home and looked around trying to find a good spot for them, and then remember the chalkboard that had no home. Perfect! The chalkboard on it's own wasn't large enough, but the sconces made it work. I'm really enjoying the addition of a little bling. I'm also thrilled that I didn't have to over think this. It just worked out.

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  1. Lovely my dear! Now following you via GFC.


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