Thursday, February 28, 2013

Got $200? - Let's Add Some Pattern and Color.

 Most of the curtains I have sourced for this series are 84" panels, but I thought I would "spend" more this go around on the nice, custom 96" panels. It can still be done on a budget. If you can sew, you can do this for even less.

Blue Greek Key Patterned Panels - Set of 2 96" - $120

Blue Ikat Pillow Cover - $16

Coral Linen Pillow Covers - $18 each x 2 = $38

Gray, Natural Jiri Birch Stripe Ikat Pillow Cover - $24

You can make $200 go further in your home than you think.
 What is Got $200?

 *I was not paid or perked to list any of these items. I just found them while searching for items to put together. Prices listed do not include tax or shipping.

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