Thursday, September 19, 2013

Slime + Office Nook Progress

Okay, I could have been a little more creative with the title, but this is what you get.

My boys came across a YouTube Video on making SLIME several months ago. I decided we would turn it into a play date homeschool science experiment, and invite some other kids/moms from our Mom's Meetup Group. You know, because making slime with a bunch of boys sounded more fun than just two!

I, of course, turned to Pinterest when it came time to decide on a recipe for said slime. I finally landed on this one, from Little Bit Funky. The recipe worked great, and we had success with both the clear glue and the regular white glue.  I think it's safe to say that all of the boys had fun, but I know for sure that mine had a blast. I am still picking up little pieces of slime from the floor, but that is only because Henry thought it would be fun to throw it, so it kind of exploded into little pieces.

I was a bad mommy and didn't get a group picture of everyone with their slime, but I did have my boys pose for a quick pic.

I think they were aggravated that I made them look away from the slime to look at me.

In other news, I have made some progress with the office nook. Before you look at this and wonder if progress has really been made, please know that this is real time. I have a real (small) budget, and haven't had a ton of time to work on this. I am also really trying to think through all of my decisions to make sure that it REALLY functions well. I will eventually get to the pretty part.

 This is where we started. You can read the details here about how I needed to add some more functional storage.

The first thing we did was unplug everything and untangle all of the messy wires. There are still a lot of visible wires, but we aren't done yet. We moved the tower to the other side of the desk, and then added this ClosetMaid Cubeicals Cube Organizer from Target. The size and price were right.

I am still trying to decide what containers I want to use. I originally wanted to use some from Thirty-One ( they are the perfect shape, color, and size for the cubes), but I decided that I needed something smaller so that the items could be more organized. This shelf is holding a lot of stuff, and smaller, more specific categories are going to work better. So, the search continues.

I did just win a $50 gift card from Staples via Two Twenty One. I plan to use it to help me finish up the little project. We don't have a Staples locally, but this will be a good reason to finally get my hands on some of the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery items that I keep seeing everyone use.

 Do you have any items from her line that are a must? Do tell.

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  1. Oh my goodness! My boys would LOVE that!!! definitely gonna remember this for a rainy day project! :) So glad to find your blog from Alana Taylor's link-up!!


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