Monday, October 28, 2013

The worst part about not having an iPhone for 12 days.

Oh, hi!

It looks like I have abandoned my 31 day series on Choosing to Become a Less Selfish Wife and Mommy, but I do intend to finish it. It just won't be done in 31 consecutive days. We ended up taking a week long Fall break from school, which meant I was being fun mom, and then we spent last week sick with the Flu.

I had mentioned that I would be without my iPhone for 11 days while I waited on my new one to get here, and wanted to do a follow up post to tell you how it went.

It turned into 12 days, but who was counting?

The worst part was that we forgot to feed our dog almost EVERY. Single. Day! She got fed every morning, but we rely on my alarms to remember to feed her lunch and dinner! Poor girl. She had a late lunch and late dinner every night. Am the only one that uses my alarms for everything?

Other than the alarm thing, it really wasn't that bad. I had a loaner Blackberry that I hated, so I basically left it on the counter and didn't touch it much. I did spend a little more time on my laptop during the day, but not too much. I also missed having quick access to my calendar, but mostly it was a nice break.

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