Tuesday, December 31, 2013



Thank you for always seeking the Lord first in everything.
Thank you for being my best friend.
Thank you for choosing to love me everyday. Even on the days that I am not as loveable.
Thank you for being a wonderful dad to our boys, and for being the kind of man that I want our boys to grow up to be.
Thank you for always believing in me.
Thank you for being patient with me.
Thank you for emptying the dishwasher every morning.
Thank you for moving furniture, and hanging things on the wall, and building things, and changing lights, and painting, and putting furniture together, and all of the other things that I ask you to do. I know you would rather sit down and relax just a little, but you do them for me anyway.

Happy 16th Anniversary, Babe!
I love you.


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  1. Happy Anniversary, may God bless you with many more wonderful years!


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