Monday, January 6, 2014

Organize It - The Cleaning Schedule

I hope you all had a great weekend! Asher spent Saturday working on our new dining room table, and I spent the day going through more closets. I am determined to get a handle on all of the clothing that has accumulated in this house. It seems like I just did this.

Ok, so back to what this post is actually about. Cleaning. I like for my house to be clean, but I am not a fan of the actual cleaning process. I have tried numerous cleaning schedules over the years, and have finally come up with one that works for me. I have not included monthly and quarterly type tasks on this list. This is just my daily and weekly schedule.

Daily - We all make our beds and my husband empties the dishwasher. I vacuum with my little stick vac under the table after most meals. My husband helps me clean the kitchen every night after we get the boys in bed. I usually remember to have the boys walk through the house and put all of their toys away before they head to bed. Most nights I do a walk through and put all the random things that have been left out back to there home. Waking up to a picked up house makes for a much easier start to the day.

Monday - Our family of 4 seems to go through a lot of laundry over the weekend, so I like to get it all washed and put away on Mondays. I also clean all 3 bathrooms. When I do the bathrooms consistently they don't take long to clean. And because I like to keep it real, I'll go ahead and fess up. I usually only do the showers/tubs every other week.

Tuesday - I used to try to break up dusting, vacuuming, and mopping on different days, but when I did that I always seemed to just not do them. I have to just jump in and get it done. The good thing is that it really doesn't take all that long if I start it early before the boys have a chance to leave trails of toys and clothing through the house.

Wednesday - We tend to have outings and play dates on Wednesday afternoons, so this is not a good day to clean. It doesn't take me long to wipe out the microwave and toaster oven. (I usually do this while I am making lunch or cooking dinner.) I also clean out the fridge and get rid of any food that needs to be dumped before the trash goes out on Thursday morning.

Thursday - I do all of the laundry again on so that it is ready to go for the weekend. I also do our bed linens and towels on this day.

Friday - I sit down and make a meal plan before we head out to run errands and grocery shop. I like to  make sure that we are prepared with plenty of food for the weekend.

This is my normal cleaning schedule. There are days that things don't get done, but I do try to keep this pretty consistent. It takes a lot less time to keep it up than to skip it and have to do a deeper clean. I don't have time for that!

Guess what? I didn't do most of the things on this list last week and my house is a disaster! If you follow me on instagram you may have seen that my pampered chef batter bowl exploded in my hands last Saturday night while I was doing dishes. I had one really bad cut that kept me from doing much of anything all week. It is finally doing better and I am ready to tackle my house this week. I still won't be doing dishes (my husband will), and the showers and tubs won't get scrubbed (I'm not asking him to do that), but by following my cleaning schedule my house will be mostly back to normal by the end of the week. Sometimes things happen. You just have to do the best you can.

Do you have a cleaning schedule that works for you?

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