Thursday, February 13, 2014

Entryway Updates

Let's take a look back at where this entryway started.

When we moved in to this house about 3 years ago, the entryway looked like this. (This is after we painted the walls, tiled the floors, replaced the green shaggy carpet, and added a shade to the odd light fixture.) The interior side of the front doors started out white. The white was pretty dingy looking, so I painted them the same blackish, brown that I painted the exterior side. I was already painting, so I just went for it. It was a nice change, but it made this dark entryway even darker.

In December, I was finally ready for a change, so I decided to paint the doors a medium gray. I knew that a dark gray or black wouldn't help the the room feel any lighter, and I knew that I didn't want white or a bright color. I have to fess up, though. The doors still need a second coat of paint. The weather has been terrible for painting. I need a nice pretty day, on a day that I can actually stay home, so that I can finish this.

I don't know how this works at your house, but one change usually leads to a series of changes at our house.  I began feeling the need to move all of our artwork around, and when I say all, it really did end up being most of the artwork in the main areas of our house.

 This is a canvas that I initially painted to go above the love seat in the living room. I decided that this entryway needed a nice dose of color, so I moved it here. The artwork that was here got moved to the dining room.

Hopefully, you noticed the new light fixture. One of my friends was changing out some lights in her new house and passed this one on to me. I was pretty excited about it. It was exactly what I have been wanting to go in here. 

 I also added hooks and a framed print. You can read all about that change and find the free printable here.

What do you think about the changes? These updates cost me less than $2! I had the paint for the doors from another project, and everything else was stuff that I was given or already owned. I just had to print the "Home Sweet Home" print.

Have you done anything to brighten up a space in your home recently?

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Chrissy! We are enjoying the brighter space.

  2. Love it, especially the artwork!!!! My entryway needs some serious attention!!!

  3. I really like the painting! That whole set-up, with the candlesticks and everything, looks really good! :)


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