Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

This year Mother's Day didn't go quite like I had envisioned. Saturday was spent doing normal Saturday stuff, and then finished off with a nice dinner date with my sweet honey. We got home, got the boys in bed, and then heard a big crashing sound. Our neighbor's tree fell, ripped his fence, and landed across OUR driveway. We were totally blocked in.

The neighbor couldn't get anyone to come see about it until sometime Monday, so it was up to us to clean up the mess so that we could leave our house if we wanted to. I guess I should also mention that we were having my mother in law, and my daddy over for lunch.

Instead of getting up and getting ready for church Sunday morning, we had to get up early and start cutting and dragging tree limbs to the road. The boys were so sad that it was looking like we wouldn't be done in time to make it to church, so my sweet MIL picked the boys up to take them. It took us a good 4 hours to get this mess cleaned up, and then we had to quickly get ourselves cleaned up and start working on lunch. I was wiped. Hauling heavy limbs is no joke!

We got it together and had a nice lunch. My table was not set set, and things were just randomly on the counter. It was kind of crazy, but it all worked out.

These cuties had fun decorating a Mother's Day Cake for me yesterday at Publix with their Daddy. They were so proud. I just love how sweet they are. I was showered with hand made cards, candy from their personal candy stash, and a hydrangea that I can't wait to plant and watch grow.

I really wish that I hadn't been so worn out and had thought to take some pictures with my MIL. She really was there. I was really blessed with such a wonderful Mother in Law. She has always treated me like a daughter. She's also pretty fun to hang out with.

After lunch I crashed and had a nice nap. When I got up, I had to beg the boys to come take some pictures. Henry made sure we knew he wasn't in the mood.

He finally cooperated.

I am so thankful to have these two blessings, and I love being their Mommy.

Mama and Henry 2010
I am also thankful for the 33 years that I had here on earth with my Mama. I miss her so much.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!


  1. Nikki, so sorry that happened, especially on Mother's Day weekend. My Mother's Day was, well we will just say interesting, as well! Glad you all are okay, though!

    1. Thanks, girl! I'm sorry that yours was "interesting" as well.


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