Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekly Meal Plan #3

I feel so behind! Our weekend was  jam packed, and right now is the first time I have been able to think about what we are going to eat this week. I have a few things left from last week that I ended up not cooking, so we'll have them this week. I plan to add more pics as I can.

Sunday Lunch - Out

Sunday Dinner - Out (this is what happens when I don't have anything planned.)

Monday - Grilled Chicken, Chopped Asian Salad, Rice

Tuesday - Italian Beef Sub Casserole (I brown my ground beef and add Italian Seasoning instead of using meatballs)

Wednesday - Pork Tenderloin, with a side of Creamy Garlic Alfredo Sauce over noodles, and Steamed Broccoli

Thursday - BBQ Pork (leftover tenderloin) Sandwiches on Garlic Toast, Chilps, Fruit

 Friday - French Bread Pizza

Saturday - Burgers on the Grill, Roasted Veggies

I had planned to share a fun new DIY project, but it has been really dark like it is going to rain, so I haven't been able to get pics. I sure hope the weather cooperates for me.


Aimee, from It's Overflowing featured my painted Media Cabinet today. Please go check it out!

Happy Monday!

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