Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dining Room/Homeschool Room Plans

I have been trying to gear of for the new school year. I have been thinking about curriculum, schedules, planners, and our dining room.

 I really, really, really like our dining room. I like the color, I like the table that my husband built, I like the curtains, I like the artwork, I like the chairs I bought from my neighbor and recovered with a shower curtain panel. I like it all!

We are a homeschool family that tends to "do school" at the dining room table. We have the space for a dedicated homeschool room, but that really isn't our style. We have plenty of room for our books and supplies in a combination of closets/cabinets, and that works well for us. Sometimes we do different subjects in various places throughout our house, but we mostly sit down at the dining room table. I keep thinking that because this room does do double duty that it might be better for it to be light and bright. I like a nice dark, moody dining room, but I'm not sure that makes the best atmosphere for learning.

I am leaning towards Behr Lime Light. It looks like it will be one of those moody gray/blue/green colors that changes from blue to green throughout the day. Or, I could paint it the same color (or maybe a shade lighter) as the rest of the house. I'm definitely leaning towards lime light, but still trying to feel sure before I whip out the paint brush and roller.

If you have a color suggestion that I should check out, I am all ears!

I still don't want the room to look like a classroom with stuff all over the walls, but I am thinking about adding an oversized chalkboard to the space.

1. It would be super functional for school.
2. As long as it isn't covered in math problems and spelling words when we have guests over, it won't look like a school room.
3. Sometimes the mirror that is there now can be distracting during school. Little boys like to watch themselves make funny faces.

 (image source, Pottery Barn)

This one looks like several chalkboards all together, but I like the scale of it. I think I have a piece of lauan in the garage leftover from another project that might work. The biggest thing I will have to decide is if I want to frame the chalkboard or not.

I'm not sure exactly when this will happen. Ideally it would happen this weekend, or next, but that may not be how it goes. I will keep you posted.

What kind of colors do you like for your dining room?


  1. Well I love that blue shade you already have, but I can see how it may be a little dark for doing school work. I do like that lime light. It always takes me forever to choose paint because their are so many choices. I know whatever you decide will look great. It was wonderful to see you yesterday!!! Have a good week! See you Sunday!

  2. Love this idea!! Can't wait to see it all take shape.


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