Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Living Room - Rearranged

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had the brilliant idea to rearrange our living room. I liked the way our living room looked, but it really just wasn't functioning for the way we live.

-It felt small.
-There was only one really good seat for watching TV.
-There was no where to set down a cup of coffee from the love seat without moving stuff around.

It just didn't function.
We lived with this layout for as long as we have lived here, because I was told that the cable could only go on the far wall. I finally started questioning it, and my husband was a sweetie pie and moved it for me.

The large entertainment center got booted out of this room. I was a little sad, because I really liked the shelves for displaying things, but it also limited the size of our TV. A 32" TV is a little small for really enjoying a good football game. (Roll Tide!)

The room feels huge now! There is so much floor space for the boys to play, we had enough room to bring in my husband's leather recliner, and I can set a cup of coffee down from any seat without moving something. It's the little things.

It really feels like a different house.

We still have several things left to do in this room.
- The big, blank wall - I'm thinking a gallery wall.
- We need to decide on a new TV and media stand of some sort.

We brought in the teal dresser from our bedroom as a fill in until we decide what we want. This dresser works well for now, so we aren't in a hurry.

I am hoping to get started on the gallery wall soon. I would really like to have it finished before I start decorating for Christmas. Um, we'll see how that goes.

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